Andrei Rybak



September 2015 – current time: Java developer at Devexperts.

Development of back-end and desktop GUI of online trading application thinkorswim® and in-house tools.

Technologies: Java, Groovy, Bash, Oracle, Gradle, TeamCity, Git, Bitbucket, Jira.


In addition to multiple programming language courses I took in university (C++, Assembly, Java, C, Haskell, Agda), I know a little bit of JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Perl.

Speak Russian (native), English (C1), German (A2).

FOSS contributions

Own projects



AvaloniaILSpy, Chatty, Curl, FFmpeg,, Gradle, IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template, JMH, JUnit 4, JUnit 5, OpenJDK, ParsecJ, semilattices, Sidetabs, YouTube-shorts block.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science from ITMO University.


Courses I took in ITMO University:

CS related courses

Other math related courses

Other courses

Course projects

1 year

"The calculation of non-stationary heat state of multiobject system with explicit Runge-Kutta methods"

2 year

Algorithms and Data structure course – "Visualization of Aho-Corasick algorithm"

Assembly course – "Pong game" with text-based GUI written in yasm.

C++ course – "big_int calculator", with grammar parsing via boost/spirit library.

Java course – "Implementor" – generation of code with stubs for a Java class that is supposed to implement a tree of super-classes and interfaces using reflection.

3 year

Parsing and translation methods course – "Simplified parser generator" (a la ANTLR and Bison).

Numerical methods course – "Study and visualization of Lorenz attractor"

Other work in university

I was one of the curators of our department's wiki (in Russian) on several subjects.

I was also curating repository for the Computational Geometry class.

I volunteered in multiple programming contests, including ACM ICPC World Finals 2013.

Repositories online